+61 3 9645 1100
+61 3 9645 1100
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Boat Repair

With our experienced professionals that include carpenters, boat builders, electricians, engineers, stainless steel fabricators and other skilled personnel, you can be assured of the best boat repair in Melbourne at Pier 35. We offer a complete range of repair services and you can rely on us for all your boat servicing needs.We take care of the boat whether it is inside the water or out of it. Pier 35 also takes care of plumbing, electronic and other repairs that the boat demands. All you need to do is get in touch with us, so that we can give you a quote before the work is undertaken. Boat renovation works are also handled by us at reasonable rates. Whether your need is for a small repair or a major refinishing, we can undertake any work. With our attention to detail and commitment to providing service of the highest standards, we can offer solutions that exceed your expectations. Our team is highly-skilled and we can efficiently handle demanding projects.

To know more, ring us on +61 3 9645 1100. Let us help you with your boat repairing and renovating concerns.

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