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There is a new addition to the integrity family and it in the form a 320 Express Cruiser. The entry level cruiser in the Integrity range, the 320 Express represents a great value day, overnight or weekend motor yacht maidwhiz.com.

Warren says “First impressions are always important in so many aspects of life, and what an impact the 320 Express makes when you first see it. Even old hands exclaim, “What; this can’t be a 32 footer?” This superb little motor cruiser has many attributes; but one stands waaaay out – interior space…

There simply isn’t a down side to it, there’s lots of space downstairs in the bedroom, the bathroom and toilet put lotsof much larger craft to shame, and the salon/galley area and aft cockpit lounge are more than roomy for the two people this boat is basically configured for.” Go to bet-king

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